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I'm Saad, a Graphic Designer based in Karachi.

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I became fascinated with design years back in my college days, and my passion continues as I learn more. I am building my skills on a daily basis as I gather projects here and there. I am currently based in Karachi, Pakistan.

My experience has spanned from various projects involving print, web, and a dip here and there into other areas. My desire and inspiration lies in all areas of creative design. My earlier projects mainly came from personal work and ways of expressing my ideas and imagination. I would pick up random favors and freelance of any kind to further my experience and creativity.

Currently I mainly work on various print projects at the place that I am employed but always enjoy the occasional freelance opportunities that come along. I would describe "Design" in a simple sense as my passion. It is something that I enjoy being involved with in many different aspects. It keeps me driven, it keeps me going, it is something I see myself being involved in for a long time.

I am just crazy about Computer, Creativity & Cricket and I love to do social stuff. I spent my most of time on Computer but i am not a lazy person. :-)

I started and joined Web design world back in 2002 where i started to learn it my self from internet. I am freaky about web design, development, graphics creativity and i enjoyed a lot my work in beginning when i started it.

I also designed a fan website of famous Music band of Pakistan "Strings" then for some personal reason i left out web design & creative world for 2 years but my passion for designing & creativity takes me back in to design and development world.

I decided to back but this time i wanted to take it as my profession along with my studies and i started to work as a Graphic Designer in Print Media and involved in several print media projects and done lot of work related to Garments, Corporate, Office Stationary, Shopping Bags etc. I have completed my Graphic & Web Design semester from Arena Multimedia back in 2009.

I have done several web design projects in last few years and i am learning and improving myself as a designer and exploring my talent to show some good skills as a professional designer i am very passionate about my profession and want to involve in good work in future.

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Reef Mini Mart

Master Rafiullah Sons






Al Rehman Residency

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Bam Trading


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Saad Apparel

The Kebab

Com Tech



Textile Bureau



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Olayan Foods

Welcome General Bag

Welcome General Bag

Sandwip Tailors - Shopping Bag

Omar Al Khayam Restaurant - Shopping Bag

Royce Drink - Shopping Bag

Nada - Shopping Bag

GFB - Bread Bag

Ramla Shopping Bag

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